FAP at a Glance!

Since the commencement of operations in 2010, Fauji Akbar Portia (FAP) Marine Terminals has revolutionized the handling of dry cargo imports and exports in Pakistan and in doing so has raised operations to international standards.

The Terminal provides complete Supply Chain solutions for ship berthing, unloading, storage and bagging of all types of grains, cereals, oilseeds and fertilizers both in bags and bulk. The Terminal handles cargoes up to 1,600 TPH through it modern mechanical and pneumatic unloaders. The high discharge/ loading rates at FAP ensures reduced vessel turnaround time and low cost for consignees / shippers. The enhanced efficient performance at FAP enables the importer and exporters to schedule shipments according to milling requirement thereby save on inventory costs.


Discharging from Vessel
at FAP

FAP terminal is equipped with 3 un-loading technologies for different commodities depending upon the nature and texture of each.

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Storage Facility in Silos
and flat Warehouses

Oilseeds and Wheat are directly discharged and stored in dedicated 6 x steel silos each with a capacity of 9,000 to 12,500 Metric tons depending upon the commodity.

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Bagging and Dispatching
at FAP

Cargo from silos is routed to either two bulk silos for bulk deliveries or to bagging station with six precision bagging points and twelve volumetric bagging points.

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Core Values

At FAP we have a distinctive set of values that continuously guide us in how we do our business. It helps us shape our culture and defines principles that drive us to achieve our strategic goals.


"Do the right thing even when nobody is watching." Yes, this is what our people believe in. We strive to promote a culture of honesty and accountability with openness to the idea of right and wrong.


Work as if you are working for your own company. FAP brings a culture where people are given opportunities to work on their ideas, own the projects


At FAP, we take decisions that create win-win solutions for everyone. Our focus remains on how we can increase our contribution in the industry.


FAP is all about achievements. Here, we set targets not to achieve but to continuously outperform them. We strive to have a high sense of


We believe in continuous improvement at every level. For that, we encourage our people to think differently, challenge the status quo,

FAP Terminal

FAP provide complete warehousing solution

Performance Review

FAP has set a series of performance records in dry cargo handling. Our customers are attracted on account of its efficiency, speed, reliability and quality of service. Every year, FAP terminal handles major volume of oilseeds, including Canola, Soybean and Sunflower. Our Clients continue to show confidence in FAP and the company leads the way in cooperation with them in achieving its strategic goals.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to running our business in a socially-responsible manner, placing social and environmental needs above maximizing profits. Our CSR promises cover the areas of community, environment and corporate governance.


Vessels at FAP

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