1. The berth operating policy of FAP Terminal shall be governed by Advance Scheduling of Vessels. Monthly berthing schedule shall be developed by the Terminal, allocating advance Laycan to the vessels scheduled to call at the terminal on the following basis.

1.1 Vessel’s Agents can submit Laycan Allocation Request Form (FAP-P12-F12- LAR) along with the refundable security deposit of $5,000 for booking of Laycan at the time of Nomination of confirmed Name Vessel. FAP will allocate available Laycan on first come first serve basis. Berthing will be subject to type of Cargo and Operational Exigencies of FAP Terminal.

1.2 Security deposit will be forfeited in the event a vessel with a booked laycan does not berth at FAP subject to the following exceptions: 

a. Vessel waiting time is more than 7 days from the end of its allocated laycan.  
b. Shipping agent cancels vessel laycan at least four weeks before the start of its laycan. 
c.  Vessel diverts with the consent of FAP. 

1.3 Vessels with booked laycan may be permitted to swap after submission of written consent of the respective Shipping Agents of the swapping vessels along with the resubmission of Laycan
request form (FAP-P12-F12-LAR).

1.4 Shipping Agents shall confirm vessel ETA within 48 hours of sailing from the load port to keep its laycan booked and provide regular update with a frequency of 30,20,7 days followed by Notice of arrival of 72, 48, 24 hours which shall remain within the original allocated Laycan. 

1.5 Vessels calling at FAP will have to register with PQA Control on arrival at the outer anchorage of Port Qasim and tender their NOR which shall be confirmed by the Vessel’s Agent to FAP. 

1.6 Vessels registering with PQA Control on arrival & tender Notice of Readiness (NOR) within their allocated Laycan will have Priority of berthing in sequence of the  scheduled Laycans. Such vessels will have priority over any other vessel arriving out of or without Laycan. 

1.7 Vessels registering out of its Laycan will have Second Priority if not in conflict with a vessel due to arrive as per its allocated Laycan. Berthing of vessels with second priority will be on first come first serve basis. 

1.8 A vessel arriving with booked laycan will only be considered in FAP berthing line up once its laycan period starts, vessels arriving earlier than its Laycan will be considered without laycan till such time its laycan period start. 

2. Export vessels will be handled subject to availability of space at FAP berth.  

3. On arrival at Port Qasim Anchorage and registering with PQA Control, Vessel’s Agent will be required to submit NOR to the Terminal on receipt of which the Terminal will issue Berthing Request to PQA. In turn PQA will schedule the berthing of the vessel based on the sequence of Berthing Requests received from FAP. PQA will schedule pilots and their expected boarding time and inform the vessel and terminal accordingly. 

4. PQA Control and Cargo Department will be advised daily cargo discharged figures, remaining on board and Expected Time of Completion (ETC) till the final completion of cargo after which PQA shall plan and schedule pilots for sailing the vessel off berth. 

Note: All submissions required under this policy shall be made through email to Laycan@fapterminals.com