Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision & Mission Statement

To be the first Port of Choice for all dry bulk Cargo Imports & Export in Pakistan.

Core Values

Our culture and defines principles that drive us to achieve our strategic goals.

• Ethics

Do the right thing even when nobody is watching." Yes, this is what our people believe in. We strive to promote a culture of honesty and accountability with openness to the idea of right and wrong. Our ethical standards are the foundation of our actions with no compromise at any level of the organization.

• Performance

FAP is all about achievements. Here, we set targets not to achieve but to continuously outperform them. We strive to have a high sense of urgency among our people that helps them advance more quickly in this dynamic environment.

• Ownership

Work as if you are working for your own company. FAP brings a culture where people are given opportunities to work on their ideas, own the projects they handle and take decisions that directly affect the organization. We identify ourselves what needs to be done rather wait to be told.

• Entrepreneurship

We believe in continuous improvement at every level. For that, we encourage our people to think differently, challenge the status quo, take risks and bring positive impact to the Company. We are passionate about converting ideas into effective business solutions.

• Collaboration

At FAP, we take decisions that create win-win solutions for everyone. Our focus remains on how we can increase our contribution in the industry. To achieve this, we support shared goals and knowledge that bring greater value to all stakeholders.