FAP Marine Terminal is Pakistan’s first and only state of the art fully automated dry cargo handling terminal. From discharging to dispatching, it has been facilitating clients with one window operation since 2010.

FAP offers a complete handling solution with secured facility that caters all requirements of both importers and exporters.

The terminal discharges cargo through pneumatic and mechanical un-loaders, with a combined capacity of up to 1,600 metric tons per hours. The product is conveyed to either steel silos or flat warehouses for onward automated bagging. FAP also loads conventional dry cargo for export.

The Terminal has a capacity to handle four million tons per annum with transit storage in silos or warehouse within the Terminal perimeter. Operations are automated with computerized management, maintenance, inventory and accounting control.

FAP is a Customs declared landing area for handling of import and export cargoes. After completion of regulatory and Customs formalities, gate passes issued at the FAP exit are the final document required for inland movement of handled product.